Cylinder Mower Service

We offer a back-lapped blade sharpening service.

We offer a back-lapped blade sharpening service as show in this video. Click here to see in more detail.

We cannot professionally re-grind cylinder blades.

We do not have the right equipement . We do back-lap cylinder blades to give them a correct cutting edge.

Basic Service - £60 including parts

A basic service consists of:

Free home visit (within 5 miles of Redhill, Surrey) to:
  1. Starting the mower to see how it runs and giving the mower a once over check up
  2. Fitting New Spark Plug (NGK spark plugs used)
  3. Fitting New Air Filter (depends on Make/Model of Mower)
  4. Changing the oil (SAE30)
  5. Carburettor cleaned

Carburettor cleaned and serviced

Is your Mower Surging or Hunting?

£60 including parts

Is your mower ‘hunting’ or ‘surging’ (going v-room, v-room)? Then it probably needs the carburettor servicing.

Stale fuel has blocked up the tiny jets in the carburettor making the mower run rough or not at all. Cure the problem with a carburettor clean! The carburettor is stripped and then put in an Ultra-Sonic bath to clean or the nooks and crannies. To finish, the diaphram and gasket or the bowl ‘O’ ring are replaced to have the carburettor performing as good as  new.

Combine the Carburrettor clean with a basic service to have your mower in tip-top condition.

The carburettor clean will need to be done in the Mower Shack.  We offer free collection and drop off in a 5 mile radius of Redhill, Surrey. Outside of this area there will be a small charge depending on the distance. 


Other Services

Starter Cord Replaced - £20

Frayed or snapped starter cords are a main reason mowers end up at the dump! Don’t throw away a perfectly good mower. Have the starter cord replaced cheaply and conveniently