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My Story

A passion for excellence with great service

In 1993, I moved to a house with a long ((60 metres) but narrow (5 metres) garden. I had visions of a ‘bowling-green’ manicured lawn with stripes so I purchased a second-hand Atco Balmoral 14s Petrol Lawnmower. The Atco was my pride and joy and I carefully cleaned it after every use. Back then I knew nothing about servicing or maintaining lawnmowers and over the years my pride and joy became harder and harder to start. It got to the point that it took longer to start then it did to cut the grass. I phoned a local Lawnmower Servicing company and was staggered by the quote to service the mower. It cost more than I paid for the mower in the first place.  Reluctantly, the Atco was consigned to the shed and I purchased a second-hand Mountfield rotary petrol lawnmower which has done me well over the years.

At the beginning of 2019, I decided it was time for a career change. I left my corporate city job and decided on a new career of refurbishing petrol mowers. My friends and family were amazed at this announcement as I have never been that mechanically minded.  Not to be deterred, I purchased several ‘spares or repairs’ mowers and set about a YouTube apprenticeship to learn how to fix them.  Thorough 2019, my days were spent in the Mower Shack and my nights watching YouTube.  I began to service my friends’ mowers whilst refurbishing mowers for sale. My confidence and knowledge grew as I refurbished mower after mower.

In 2020, I felt confident enough (and equipped) to offer my services to the public at large and started to advertise my services on Facebook Market Place and Earlswood Nextdoor.